Holiday Wreath Ordering Deadline

Today is our deadline for ordering fully decorated holiday wreaths from The Garden Club of the Back Bay.  We will be loading in at The First Lutheran Church of Boston on Sunday night and will begin decorating first thing Monday morning.  Should you decide you’d like to buy a plain wreath or a wreath with a bow next week, stop by the Church (299 Berkeley Street, on the corner of Berkeley and Marlborough Streets) anytime from 8 – 7  Monday through Thursday, and if we have extra wreaths, we will gladly sell you what we can.  However, we take absolutely no orders for fully decorated wreaths during wreath week – we are limited by time and volunteer constraints.  The order form may be found at  You may pay through PayPal by clicking on the Donate button on this website, or you may send us a check or pay when you pick up, if absolutely necessary (our delivery people do not accept payment, so if you can’t pay now you’ll have to pick up your wreath at the Church.)  This project benefits the entire neighborhood, and we hope you will consider supporting us with our winter fund raiser.  Thank you!