Wreath of the Day – Installation Woes

Sometimes we create a beautiful wreath that looks terrific in the studio (that’s the Church basement, for those of you who might envision a somewhat grander atelier) but becomes a bit of a mess when hung.  The wreath below is a case in point.  The customer asked for a blue bow with silver accents, and we specially purchased a gorgeous and somewhat expensive wide fabric ribbon with a raw silk look.  The designers did a crescent shape three quarter design around the bow, which was placed in the “two o’clock” position.  We always tie our delivery tags to the hook so the recipient can find the hook right away.  The hook is the first piece of hardware added to the base wreath, and is used to hang the wreath on the easel for decorating, and is later used to hang the wreath  for delivery.  So we know with absolute assurance that each wreath has a hook.  What we failed to do is advise our customers to keep the tag on until they are ready to hang the wreath.  So our customer, away on a business trip, had her mother accept delivery, and the well intentioned lady cut off the tag and lost track of where the hanging loop was located.  She then hung the wreath with the bow on the top. The decorations then hung down in strange directions, and the bow, with all the fiddling and rewiring of a new hook, became hopelessly squashed (see picture 2.)  The customer returned and was rightfully appalled.  We sent her a picture of the wreath as it was intended to look, and a decorator came to her home with some extra decorative materials to fix the wreath and fluff the ribbon (see picture 3.) She will also receive a refund.  Next year, our delivery crew will remind recipients of the hook/tag placement, and we will add text to the tags themselves with hanging instructions.  Live and learn!