Wreath of the Day – Bordello Baroque

For this large indoor wreath, our Wreath Project co-chair chose a filmy red lace patterned ribbon, which had a romantic, almost Valentine’s Day look, and asked one of her favorite decorators to just go wild with it.  In her mind, she pictured dried roses, perhaps baby’s breath, a Victorian touch of this or that, but she promised not to peek at the wreath until it was done, since nothing is more annoying than having someone hover while you make design decisions.  The designer had been toying with using the fabulous red feathers for days, and now she had her opportunity.  The little white accents are pearls, the magnolia leaves and white pine augmented the already substantial bow, and silver squiggly things added to the drama.  Needless to say, the wreath is a total triumph and may be one of the Club members’ favorites of the season.