Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 pm – A World of Honey

Few flavor juxtapositions are as enjoyable as the combination of sweet and savory. This Formaggio Kitchen class zeroes in on honey, a source of sweetness quite dear to us. Lead honey buyer Julia will lead a tasting of a range of varietal honeys from around the world, focusing on the factors that influence each unique flavor. She’ll bring it all together by matching honeys with favorite cheeses, and explain what to consider when putting together your own pairings. You’ll also be joined by beekeeper Rick from Carlisle Honey, who will break down the process of honey production. And you’ll wash it all down with a few choice beverages, of course.  Sign up soon, since these classes fill up quickly.

Formaggio’s popular cheese, wine, beer, and cooking classes offer an opportunity to learn from expert staff while experiencing the best products and recipes.  From sessions on culture and cuisine to lessons on basics of tasting and pairing cheese, wine, and beer, the Formaggio Kitchen classroom is always a lively, delicious experience.  Classes usually run an hour and half to two hours. This class will be held at the Classroom Annex, located at 67 Smith Place in Cambridge.  The price of this session is $55, and you may register on line at www.formaggiokitchen.com.  Photo from www.foodandstyle.com.