Tuesday, April 30, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon – Mycorrhizal Symbioses and the Functioning of Terrestrial Ecosystems

The Ecological Landscaping Association, The Arnold Arboretum, the New England Wild Flower Society, and The Boston Mycological Club will co-sponsor a lecture on Tuesday, April 30, from 10 – noon at the Weld Hill Research Building, 125 Arborway in Boston, on Mycorrhizal Symbioses and the Functioning of Terrestrial Ecosystems.  The lecturer is John Klironomos, Professor of Biology at University of British Columbia – Okanagan.  Mycorrhizal symbioses are mutualistic associations between plant roots and a small group of soil fungi.  These symbioses are very common – found in the majority of terrestrial plants.  Plants benefit from increased nutrient and water uptake, and also from increased protection from root pathogens.  Recent research has also shown that the symbiosis promotes higher diversity and productivity within plant communities.  This presentation will discuss the structure and functioning of mycorrhizal symbioses and the potential for their application and management.  $25 for members of the sponsoring organizations, $35 for nonmembers.  Register on line with one of the sponsors, call  617-436-5838, or email ela.info@comcast.net.