Saturday, June 8 – Sunday, June 9 – Alpine Garden Exploration: A Mountain in Bloom

Join the Appalachian Mountain Club on June 8 – 9 and discover the world of tiny delicate flowers, hardy plants, and remarkable wildlife that survive in a harsh and unpredictable climate.  Package includes lodging, meals, instruction, transportation and a copy of AMC Field Guide to New England Alpine Summits.  Instruction only package is available.  For more information, contact Reservations (603-466-2727).  Call between 9 – 5, Monday through Saturday.  Or email  Rates start at $232/adult member, $290/adult nonmember, $161/youth member, and $169/youth nonmember.  The trip will be repeated June 13 – 14, June 20 – 21, and 22 – 23.