Thursday, June 6, 9:00 am – 11:00 am – Amazing Trees at the Berkshire Botanical Garden

Tour the grounds of Berkshire Botanical Garden on Thursday, June 6 beginning at 9 am, view the exceptional tree collection and learn about these gentle giants and their importance in the landscape. Continue the tour at Tanglewood Music Festival, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and learn about the importance of shade trees in the landscape. Consider the many varieties of shade trees, observe mature specimens and assess shape, size, and cultural requirements required to grow happy trees. This walking tour will cover the importance of selecting the right plant for the right site as well as the tenuous relationship between turf and trees. Enjoy the morning by walking, talking and admiring one of nature’s most magnificent gifts.

Ken Gooch is the Forest Health Program Director for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Additionally, he is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist and teaches arboriculture at the Garden. This is a free program – call Elisabeth Cary at 413-298-3926 for more information, or visit