Twilight Garden Party 2013 – Signature Drinks

We concoct a signature drink each year for the Twilight Garden Party, to serve along with wine and sparkling waters.  This year we had two, the Peach Blossom and the Rose Petal.  The Peach Blossom was 2 parts vodka, 2 parts fresh peach puree, 1/2 part peach schnapps, and 3 dashes peach bitters.  The Rose Petal was 1 part Monin rose syrup, 1 part Domaine de St. Germaine (elderflower liqueur), and 3 parts aromatic gin, such as Old Tom (not a super dry gin, like Beefeaters or Tanqueray).  Below is our retiring Treasurer Elisabeth Lay sampling a Peach Blossom.