The Garden Club of the Back Bay Donates to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Once again the Garden Club of the Back Bay, Inc. has donated money to a local institution. The Club has given $1,000 to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in honor of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings. “After visiting Spaulding, we were impressed by the easy access of patients, visitors and staff to many garden spaces around the building,” said Jolinda Taylor, Co-President of the Garden Club. “The views of Boston Harbor from the patient rooms are spectacular and uplifting,” added Jackie Blombach, Co-President of the Club.

“Spaulding is committed to caring for the whole patient, body and spirit” according to Steven Patrick, Vice President for Development, who accompanied the Garden Club officers on their mid-summer visit, “and allowing patients access to peaceful garden spaces is essential.” Patrick added that “the outdoor spaces are intended to encourage patients to get outside, seek fresh air and engage with the community. We plan to incorporate gardening as a therapeutic activity, with wheelchair accessible raised beds.” The gardens include native, drought-tolerant, and salt-resistant trees and shrubs, ornamental grasses, and evergreens, on the hospital’s site at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The new Spaulding facility has achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status certification, a very high standard of energy conservation and responsiveness to the natural environment.

The Garden Club cares for neighborhood trees. The Club celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this year by planting 50 magnolia trees in Back Bay and nearby neighborhoods. Club members volunteer in community projects at the Women’s Lunch Place, Hale House, The Learning Project Elementary School, The College Club, and the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.