Sunday, September 1 – Saturday, September 7 – The Bressingham Academy

Dr. Allan M. Armitage and Adrian Bloom have started a new school for horticulture for gardeners at Bressingham Hall, Norfolk, England.  The first opportunity begins Sunday September 1, and there are a few places left. The Bressingham Academy for Advanced Garden Studies will open its doors in September, 2013 with its first class. Only 25 students will be in the first class. Adrian Bloom and Allan Armitage, along with other highly distinquished lecturers, will present an interesting variety of topics. Lectures will take place in historic Bressingham Hall and the laboritories and outdoor classrooms will include Bressingham Gardens and the private gardens of Adrian Bloom (The Dell Garden). Along with a few other local trips and one to Wisley, the week will be full and exciting.

Tentative class schedules and itinerary:

Day 1 Sun, Sept 1st – Meet in London airport, Heathrow at a specific time (TBA). Coach to Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds. Dinner in hotel with Adrian and Rosemary Bloom

Day 2, Mon, Sept 2 – From Nature to landscape – Science in the Garden. Introduction, welcome, curriculum, introduce speakers, handout materials, taught by Adrian Bloom and Allan Armitage

Plants in Wild Places, and how they are collected, presented by Dr Chris Grey-Wilson

Introduction to Dell Garden, the work of Alan Bloom, presented by Jaime Blake, followed by lunch at Bressingham Hall. In the afternoon, enjoy a short lecture on Taxonomy and Morphology with Allan Armitage, followed by The Dell Garden part 1 and Foggy Bottom part 1. No trip to England is complete without tea at Bressingham Hall. Dinner will be in the hotel.

Day 3 covers The Selection of Garden Plants, Day 4 highlights Plants with a Purpose, Day 5 is Spreading the Word with a day trip to Wisley, a BBQ, and Day 6 will include a pub dinner on the way back to London before flying home. Complete details at  If you are interested, contact Allan Armitage at as soon as possible.