Holiday Wreaths 2013 Season Kickoff

While you may think we’re crazy to think about holiday wreaths in October, we actually think about holiday wreaths all year long.  In summer and fall we clip and dry natural materials, buy ribbon on sale, schedule venues, design order forms and advertisements, and generally obsess about the beautiful creations we will make in December.  This year, our wreath project will be in full swing December 1 (set up at The First Lutheran Church of Boston), then, on Monday December 2 – Thursday December 5, we will produce and deliver hundreds of glorious wreaths for our neighborhood and beyond.  All proceeds benefit the trees of Back Bay, and help fund our many charitable projects.  Order forms will be mailed soon to customers from the past two years, and to our membership.  If you are not on that list, you may print the order form from this website, email and request one (we can send it by email or snail mail as you prefer,) or call 617-859-8865 and leave your name, address and telephone number.   Over the next weeks we will feature pictures and information on our many styles, each of which is custom designed for the customer.