Northeastern Institute of Cannabis to Open in Natick

Well, this is horticultural news, in a way, and we can’t wait for the T-shirt.  CNN reports that The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis ( is set to open its doors in the spring of 2014 in Natick.  Course offerings will include Medical Marijuana 101, Understanding Regulations, Cannabis Industry Vocational Training, Cannabis Safety, Cannabis History, Cannabis Law New England, Industrial Hemp, and more. The mission of the Institute of Cannabis is to advance knowledge and educate students in cannabis as a plant, the cannabis industry, and other areas of learning that are of importance to cannabis culture and business. The Institute is dedicated to creating, understanding, protecting, and the sharing of information; and developing a community of educated citizens that can apply their knowledge to the reemerging cannabis environment. The Institute of Cannabis provides students with robust academic coursework, as well as opportunities for realizing their potential in the cannabis industry. The Dean, Dr. Keith Saunders (pictured below,) is a sociologist whose professional work focuses on researching marijuana culture and the marijuana policy reform movement.