Holiday Wreaths 2014 – Some Important Changes

Yes, it’s only October, but the first mailing of wreath order forms will be going out soon, and we wish to give everyone notice of some changes.  Last December we were totally exhausted by the end of our four and one half day sprint to complete all the orders, and met to discuss what steps could be taken to make the entire process more fun and less stressful for our volunteers.  Fully decorated large wreaths were taking an inordinate toll on our materials and time, and this year, while we will continue to sell both standard sized and large wreaths, only standard (22″ diameter, fully fluffed) wreaths will be available “fully decorated.”  Large wreaths may be ordered plain, or with our spectacular bows, to which we will add extra streamers for a beautiful, proportionate look.

Our pricing has been simplified.  Plain (no bow) wreaths will be $30 (standard) and $40 (large) complete with hooks for hanging.  Wreaths with bows will be $45 or $55, depending on size chosen.  Fully decorated standard wreaths will be sold for $100 (more than competitive with local florists, trust us!)  Extra bows are $15 each, and our huge poinsettias in red or white will be $50. We will continue to make matched pairs, but for orders of three or more fully decorated wreaths, there will be a $100 surcharge.   We are limiting the number of orders for fully decorated wreaths to a maximum of 150.  As has been the case in the past, no orders for fully decorated wreaths will be accepted during wreath week (December 1 – 4 this year.)  You may order and pay on line at

Please remember that every cent of our net profits goes back to the community.  This is an all volunteer project, with the bulk of our materials donated by our members.  The wreaths are absolutely beautiful, and can be delivered to your door in our delivery areas, or picked up at The First Lutheran Church of Boston on Marlborough and Berkeley Streets.  We look forward to creating the perfect wreaths for your home.