Wreath of The Day: The Return of Our Daily Wreath Pictures

As you are no doubt aware, members of The Garden Club of the Back Bay completed the club’s annual Holiday Wreath sale on Thursday, December 4.  For those who missed the opportunity to purchase one of our custom designed wreaths, email info@gardenclubbackbay.org with your name and address, and we’ll put you on the 2015 order form mailing list. From now through the New Year, we’ll showcase photographs of selected wreaths produced this year by our talented volunteers, with an accompanying story.  This feature, which we began a few years ago, has become immensely popular across the country – we know because we can track the numbers of “unique users” on this site.  Last season we added a second feature on our Facebook page, aptly named the Facebook Wreath of the Day.  If you use Facebook, please “Like” The Garden Club of the Back Bay, and pictures will appear on your news feed.

Story Number One begins at the beginning.  A week before our project was scheduled to start, our co-chair Margaret Pokorny received a call from our greens supplier warning her that the delivery of greens would be delayed due to the heavy early snowstorms in Canada and upstate New York.  Workers were unable to gather branches in the deep snow, and supply trucks, stuck for days in bad weather, were behind schedule.  We have our workers and our space rental for a limited time, not to mention the chaos which could result trying to reschedule deliveries to our loyal customers.  Various schemes of procurement were discussed, and we thank Pat Riccardi of Riccardi Wholesale Flowers for managing to deliver our entire order on Monday morning, after driving North to rescue the project.  Pat, the gold, green and yellow wreath below is dedicated to you.