Wreath of the Day – The Tale of the Lost Wreath

Delivering our wreaths is just as much a work of art as decorating our wreaths.  In this instance, a customer requesting a cream bow and copper accented wreath had failed to remember to remind her housekeeper to answer the door when we buzzed.  We returned to home base with the wreath, and telephoned.  The buyer said she was definitely there now, if we could return, which we did.  Needless to say, she wasn’t there.  We called again, from the address, and she instructed the crew to leave the wreath in the vestibule.  Since there was a nail, we hung the wreath on a nail beside the front door.  At 8:30 pm, our Delivery Chair received a call asking when we were delivering the wreath.  We were naturally convinced the wreath had been stolen, but the deliverer decided to go back to the address the next morning to check.  The wreath was there, right on the nail.  Following a few more calls, the owner repeated her assurance that the wreath was not there, and now we began to question our sanity.  So back again (fifth time) we went and rang the bell.  The customer’s husband was home, and was shown the wreath, hanging beside the door.  He admitted he never thought to look there.  Happy holidays to all our delivery crew – they are the best, most competent, and most even tempered of us all.