Noanett Gold Sale

Noanett Garden Club invites you to participate in its annual sale of Noanett “Gold.”

Noanett Garden Club has become well known for the wonderful bright red bags of organic manure that come from a dairy farm in Western Massachusetts. When you purchase bags, you support the club and you also support the farm it buys them from. If you want to “buy local,” Noanett Gold is the way to go! And since many of you and your fellow gardeners have ordered before, you know how good this stuff is. The 40 pound bags are only $7.50 each – ten pounds lighter than last year but a true bargain.

For questions, call Lin Murray at 508-785-9876, or email  The Noanett Gold will be ready for pick up from Friday, April 10 through April 24.

Please print the form below and send order and PREPAYMENT to:
c/o Elaine Fiske
74 Farm Street
Dover, MA 02030
Orders MUST be RECEIVED and PREPAID by April 5th. Late orders will be accommodated on an as-available basis. Just a reminder: we do not offer delivery.

Number of bags ordered:_______
$7.50 per 40lb. bag PREORDERED
Name ______________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________ Phone ________________________
______________________________________ E-mail ________________________
Amount Enclosed: $____________($7.50 per bag)
Garden Club/Organization: ______________________________________________________
Web Site for more information:

For those who need assistance loading their cars, helpers will be ONLY be available Saturday, April 11, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the pickup location, 74 Farm Street in Dover.