Wreath of the Day – The Brussels Connection

We have West Coast website fans who sometimes inquire about the possibility of sending wreaths out there.  We’ve occasionally done a little research on it, but determined the wreath decorations are too fragile to hold up, even with extreme packaging care, and the boxing and shipping costs are astronomical – just not a good idea.  So when a shop in Brussels, Belgium, emailed asking to purchase wreaths to sell in a boutique shop, we said we were flattered but since we don’t ship the idea wouldn’t work.  Incredibly, they persisted, offering to have their international freight company come to pick up the products.  We then had to disclose the small number of wreaths we could allocate to them, and after a few more back and forth emails, including our forwarding of Penny and Ed Cherubino’s wonderful YouTube video of our bow making process (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Od4RWBu6sw)  the matter was dropped.  How much we would have enjoyed saying to people “Oh, yes, our wreaths are available in Boston and Brussels.”