Wednesday, May 24, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Reformed, Remodeled, Replaced, Redeemed

The Back Bay is a miracle of preservation, one of the largest examples of Victorian and Edwardian residential architecture in the United States. But many people think that the neighborhood’s lovely exteriors are largely unchanged — “frozen in time” from when they were built. In fact, they began changing soon after they were built – sometimes the changes were subtle and sometimes they were made with sweeping gestures.

Changes occurred for many reasons. A few were reformed – partially rebuilt very soon after they were built because they didn’t conform with the building restrictions in the original deeds. Others were remodeled — expanded or modified later because the owners want to have more space or a different “look.” Still others were replaced entirely to be larger or more stylish. And a fortunate few of these remodeled houses were redeemed, brought back, if not to their original glory at least to a design more consistent with the Back Bay streetscape.

This walking tour of the eastern blocks of the Back Bay on Wednesday, May 24 begins at 5 pm, and will be led Tom High, creator of award winning, and by Susie Shafer, Co-Chair of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay’s Architecture Committee, and Garden Club of the Back Bay member. They will take a look at some examples of these subtle and not-so-subtle changes.

Please contact to register for this tour. While the tour is free and open to the public, it is limited to 30 participants. Let us know your name and contact information and the number of people that will be attending. The meeting place will be confirmed at time of reservation.