Garden How-To Free Online Workshops

Horticulture Magazine has a series of free download’s on its website which give you access to great garden speakers from the comfort of your own home. No new live workshops are currently scheduled as of this date, but you may access recordings of past workshops at

Here are highlights of two presentations of interest. We will feature more in the coming weeks:

Urban Farming: Rooted In The City

“Give me a bit of ground the size of a postage stamp, and I will give you an Urban Farm.” For years edible gardening seemed like a trend, but now we view it as a true cultural shift. Edibles are being used in the garden and on the patio in containers as never before. Never mind if your area is small or large—this workshop will offer great tips that you can use in your own Urban Farm. And it’s not just about the edibles; you’ll get a firsthand look at the companion plants that provide much needed nectar and cover for essential pollinators. The speaker is Nicholas Staddon, Director of the New Plants Team at Monrovia.

Heaven Scent

Nicholas Staddon, a lifelong plantsman, takes you on a journey of some of his favorite plants that will delight the nose. Nothing is more fun than being in the garden when, from somewhere, you get a whiff of a delightful scent. This workshop will help you create those moments in your own garden.