Holiday Wreaths 2017 – All Natural

As we pointed out recently, purchasers of our fully decorated holiday wreaths may choose All Natural as a decorating option, in addition to choice of bow color. Below is an example of a fully decorated indoor wreath with plaid bow and all natural accents.  Why is this an indoor wreath? The tiny cream colored dried flower stems poking out between the pine cones, milkweed pods, and rose hips are fragile, and might not stand up well in a high wind. This isn’t to say it couldn’t do very well under a porch or overhang – but hanging it on the side of a barn in a windswept area might be problematic. Order early at All proceeds benefit the trees, both here in the Back Bay, on the Esplanade, in the Public Garden and Boston Commons, on the Emerald Necklace, in Copley Place, and everywhere we send support annually. It’s all about the trees.