Wreath of the Day – Sharpest Knife in the Drawer

During wreath making, we cut ribbon, we cut wire, we cut branches, we trim dried materials – we clip and snip at a furious pace, and by the end of the week our tools are dull and pitted. This season, wonderful neighbors Jim and Jennifer Hill, who own the fabulous KitchenWares by Blackstones store at 215 Newbury Street, played Santa and delivered over gift certificates for free sharpening. Because our tools were in storage and not accessible until just before we started, we decided to take advantage of this kindness at the end of the week, so that next year we will begin the season with the sharpest tools available.  We encourage you to visit https://www.kitchenwaresboston.com/ or, if you stop in for holiday shopping, take a moment to thank them for their generosity. Their sister store is Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill, another spot we highly recommend. The wreath pictured below, with its abundance of lotus pods, pine cones, milkweed and peony pods, and other more exotic dried materials, would not be possible without good clippers.