Wreath of the Day – Carnival Glass

We store some of our leftover supplies from year to year at our storage unit in Brighton – primarily extra ribbon, wire, tools, easels, tables, and picks. For a while, we had an oversupply of glass balls in a variety of hues. Glass balls can be useful when a shot of color is needed in a wreath, but because we are mostly known for our natural decorations, we use them sparingly.  A buying moratorium was called on glass balls in 2017, which we complied with until we spotted the new carnival glass balls, and also an iridescent peridot color which we felt we couldn’t live without.  Once again we stored our extra glass ornaments, but we are happy to continue exploring new materials in our designs.  Below is a wreath which incorporated the carnival glass balls in a design for a customer who will hang the wreath on her Victorian home.