Wednesday, January 24, 7:00 pm – What in the World is a Margaritifera margaritifera, and Why Should I Care?

The freshwater pearl mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera, inhabits swift, shallow riffles and runs of clear, cool streams… exactly the kinds of streams that humans love to walk along and wade in. With even minimal coaching, anyone can find them…you just have to know where and how to look. Worldwide, this was one of the most widespread and abundant freshwater mussel species, but one that is now in considerable peril. In this Ware River Nature Club talk on Wednesday, January 24, we’ll get to know this species—its distribution, habitat requirements, life-cycle, conservation, and restoration; “and I hope I can convince you that you should care,” adds presenter Professor John Baker of Clark University. The presentation begins at 7 pm at the Rutland Public Library. For more information email