Tree Fences

The GCBB is pleased to offer hand crafted iron tree pit fences for purchase and installation in the Back Bay. The handsome black, four by six foot sturdy railings have been approved by both the City of Boston Architectural Commission and by the Back Bay Neighborhood Association Architecture Committee. The fences protect our street trees from damage and make it possible to enhance the street scape with plantings around the trees.  Only one design is offered, which will create a neat, uniform visual rhythm. Individuals, condominium associations, and businesses may contract for these elegant and protective fences.  The price is $1,200 per fence, which includes procurement of all necessary approvals, review of final plans, site analysis, dimension adjustments, and installation.  The Garden Club will handle any necessary alterations to a tree pit to adhere to the City guidelines requiring a four foot by six foot tree pit, including lifting bricks or cutting concrete. We are able to offer this discounted price by ordering ten fences at a time (comparable fences with installation, if purchased separately, could cost in excess of $2,500).

We believe this purchase may be fully tax deductible as a municipal beautification donation – please consult your tax professional.  For many years, our club has focused on the planting and care of Back Bay’s street trees.  We have been planting new trees each year, and we hire a licensed arborist to prune existing trees.  Every year we make note of dead/dying street trees and empty tree pits.  Often working with the City of Boston, we arrange to have new trees planted.  A club member will contact the abutting homeowner to arrange a watering schedule.  We also offer pruning services for front yard trees at a group rate.  The Back Bay Architectural Commission and the City Parks Department have used our street and alley tree inventories. The beautiful and gracious Mall at the center of Commonwealth Avenue is the heart of the Back Bay.  The Garden Club supports the work of the Commonwealth Avenue Mall Committee with grants to fertilize new trees and inoculate the historic elms against Dutch Elm disease.

Please note that in rare instances site conditions may preclude installation.



Cost: $1,200

Please make your check payable to The Garden Club of the Back Bay, Inc.

Send your check, along with your name, address, telephone number and email address to:

Margaret Pokorny
384 Marlborough Street
Boston, MA  02115